Distance Learning

I decided to write about distance learning, quarantine and the corona virus because right now it is something that I can relate to the most due to the situation in Slovenia.

I go to the 9th grade of primary school. Because of the corona virus, the government decided to take some safety measures, such as distance learning, which means not going to school, the closing of all non-essential shops, and curfew that bans you to go out after 9 PM. For me, being in quarantine has been exhausting, boring and mostly not social. The only positive thing in all this mess is that I do not live in a block of flats but in a house, surrounded by nature. Therefore, I can at least exercise, go for a walk or a run or just go outside and lie on the grass if it is sunny, and not be trapped in my room or apartment. However, I miss my friends and my schoolmates and, even though I have never believed I would ever say that, I miss school, as well. In school we all hang out, talk about everything that is happening in our lives, we socialize and that is important for teenagers and people of all ages. In addition, I cannot concentrate at home, every little thing takes away my focus and I cannot do my schoolwork and homework. That is why I have to say that all this sucks. I am only 14 and I need to socialize and have fun with my friends without worrying about masks and distance.

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Christmas lights

In small villages in America, they have a tradition.

Every year, they light up the Christmas lights together. All the people gather around the Christmas tree and then they pick a person who presses the button and the whole village is covered in lights and Christmas spirit.

After lightninging up the village, people celebrate. There is always good eggnog and some hot cocoa. Sometimes, there is even Santa's little town. Kids can meet Santa Claus and tell him all their secret wishes.

There are also carol singers who bring joy and memories back to people. They sing songs like Jingle bells, Deck the halls, and similar.

And of course, there are Christmas cookies. It would not be the same without them. Each family can make their own recipes, bake cookies and then sell or exchange them on the Christmas fair.

I really like all of those Christmas traditions. Maybe I am going to try carolling next year😊.

Vita Pavšič, 7.a


Once upon a time there lived a king. But this king wasn’t a good king. He was a bad king. He hated the English language, so he wanted everybody to speak Slovene. People didn’t want to speak Slovene, so they decided to send him to England. He was looking forward to meeting the queen. So, he went to England. After he left his people prepared a celebration. When the king was in England, he realised that English is a very beautiful language. Everybody understands you. Well, he also realised how dumb it is if you speak Slovene in other countries when no-one can understand you. So, he decided that, even though Slovene is their mother tongue, his people can speak English if they want to. This way they can practise a foreign language which is spoken abroad.



Christmas is indeed the most magical time of the year. 

When it is snowing outside, and you're dressed like a bear.

When family is together and hearts are warm.

When I'm definitely eating too much, thanks to my mom.

When we are happy and spreading joy,

and when the jolly fat guy comes to deliver us our toys.

Meeeeeerrrrry Christmas

Marcel Jerinič, 6.a


can you imagine how many


everyone’s got a story

worth to tell

everybody’s heard it

they are all jealous of how good it is

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